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Many residents have called Drexelbrook their “Home” for many years.  Some residents have lived here for more than thirty years!  We are proud to say that our residents enjoy life at Drexelbrook.  Read some of their comments below.

"I have been living at Drexelbrook for 3 years now and I'm very happy. Living here makes me feel safe, as safe as anyone can feel these days. Security patrols the area constantly and always have a smile and a wave when they pass. The maintenance crew is efficient and courteous when inside my apartment and get the work done on a timely basis. The grounds are kept beautifully all year long and even the landscaping crew say hi when they see you. My neighbors are quiet and clean, as well as polite and friendly. My next move will be into something bigger, perhaps a house, but for now, I'm extremely happy where I live."

"A difficult relocation forty years ago brought my wife and family to Philadelphia. Researching options in the region, we chose the Drexelbrook. Our three daughters spent their youth enjoying Drexelbrook’s spacious grounds and recreational areas. They enjoyed a strong sense of community and diversity. Whether with a core group of permanent residents or new tenants that arrived, we developed lasting friendships. Reflecting back, there were intangible benefits as well, including a sense of safety for my family as my business often kept me from home. It was a real comfort to know that the Drexelbrook “team” was there in case of an emergency or just everyday needs. Drexelbrook’s location in the center of our region has been a critical advantage both professionally and socially."

"I have lived in Drexelbrook for over 7 years and I plan on staying here for a long time to come. I have even moved up from a two bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom townhome. Most of my neighbors have lived in the complex for more than 10 - 15 years, which tells you its a pretty good place to stay. The apartments are clean, well maintained and taken care of. Maintenance responds promptly. The neighborhood is quite diverse and the neighbors are friendly and not intrusive. The grounds are nice with lots of trees, very much a park like setting. The rental prices are reasonable. The management is interested in maintaining a nice place to live and addresses problems quickly. Strongly recommend moving here."

"The community is really nice, landscapers come often, I have thrown many bbqs and outdoor picnics, its a great place for getting in shape- it used to be a golf course so the 1.8 miles of roads inside the Drexelbrook are hilly and allow for great walking, and the fact that security is in a vehicle and able to be spotted 24/7 makes me feel okay about walking at night."
"I have lived at Drexelbrook for almost three years. The apartments are not modern by any standards, but the area is quiet, my neighbors are responsible and friendly. Every staff member I have dealt with is helpful and responsible. I have only had one maintenance problem, a field mouse, and maintenance took care of it immediately. I had one security issue, and a person was here in two minutes and took care of it. If you want a decent place to live, nice, quiet neighbors and good location."

"My family moved into Drexelbrook after relocating to this area. We looked at many places in the area and felt that Drexelbrook would be the best fit for our needs. We were sooo right! We have had many pleasant encounters with the office staff; I can't say enough how friendly they have been with us! The grounds are beautiful all year round but we love summer the most. Of the maintenance requests we've had to make, they have been quick to respond to us and have been most helpful with all our needs in their department. I feel safe here with my family; security is 24/7 and are always nice to have around. A few years back, there was paving on my street and it was very difficult to find a parking spot. I contacted security (we arrived home late) and they not only helped us FIND a spot for our car but drove us BACK to our apartment; telling us to call them anytime we had trouble finding a spot to park; then and even now. So, even while on street parking is a pain (there are some parking lots), the security has made up for it and I thank them for that! Drexelbrook is an all around wonderful place to live!! "

"its an ideal community for a small family. If u have kids its the best place as they have a wonderful play area. Management is excellent, they respond very quickly to any repairs. Security is good & u can even sleep with ur doors open."

"I have lived in Drexelbrook for about 6 months now, and I haven't had any issues at all. My stove was leaking gas, there was a maintenance guy here within five minuts of my call. My door lock was very stiff and hard to get open or locked, a guy was here within a half hour to give me a new lock. I have had no problems with the office staff, they were all very polite and helpful. I was looking on a very short notice for an apartment, and they showed me the exact apartment i would be leasing, got me processed and approved within a day, and i signed a lease two days after that. The community is great, security is always present and very helpful. I don't have enough good things to say about my apartment. There is always a parking spot for me when i come home from work."

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